Indiana Right to Life has learned that Indiana University (IU) and Planned Parenthood (PP) are partnering in an abortion training program funded through a grant from the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. Details of the program, including many billing invoices to IU from Planned Parenthood, surfaced after IRTL submitted a public records request to the university seeking all information regarding IU’s involvement in the national Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning.

According to the IU School of Medicine web site, the residency training program includes “multiple sessions at Planned Parenthood.” In its description of the program, IU notes that experiences include “participation in 1st trimester medical and surgical abortion services.”

The national Ryan Residency Training Program web site lists the IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis as a training site. It lists “Medication Abortion and Labor Induction Termination Milestones” training for the resident-in-training program where residents demonstrate the “ability to perform basic first-trimester uterine aspiration abortion and medication abortion.”

In a statement of work memo from PP, it notes that resident training includes “2 sessions of 1st trimester abortion services (medication and surgical).”

Tell your state legislators that you support Senate Bill 566. This bill denies state funding to organizations involved with abortion training in Indiana. This bill will have a hearing soon, so please act now.


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