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Dear Friends of Life:

“Never before has there been a greater gulf between the pro-life beliefs of the majority of the American people and the practices of our government.”

With these words, Indiana congressman Mike Pence began what is destined to become a hallmark speech in the history of the pro-life movement.

Standing before a packed house gathered for the Allen County Right to Life banquet at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Pence delivered a keynote address that inspired, encouraged, and challenged all who were in attendance.

“The cause of Life is winning everywhere in America except for Washington, D.C.,” observed Pence. “We must put the sanctity of life at the center of American law.”

Everyone in the room that night saw the real heart of a hero in Mike Pence’s remarks.

Chances are that you were not one of the nearly one thousand folks who attended this major event. But I want to invite you to “attend” in a special way by making available an exclusive DVD featuring Mike Pence’s full keynote address from Fort Wayne.

I want you to have a copy of this DVD because I believe you will be encouraged and uplifted by the spirit, courage, and candor of a public servant who is on the front lines of the battle for life and can report back to us all that indeed—Life is winning in America.

Indiana Right to Life is a playing a major role in fueling the resurgence of the life issue in our nation, so much so that our efforts were prominently highlighted in the “Babies are Back!” cover story from the January 29, 2011, issue of World Magazine. With steady and strategic devotion, we are advancing the cause of life in our state while standing firm against abortion businesses that are responsible for the deaths of over 10,000 children every year in Indiana.

Abortion backers bristle at the pro-life gains we have made in Indiana, as evidenced by our state’s “F” rating by the National Abortion Rights Action League. And why shouldn’t they? We are relentlessly pursuing a day in Indiana when every unborn child’s life is protected by law and the abortion industry is nothing more than a tragic memory.

But we have so much work to do. Even as I am writing this to you, we are fighting to pass the most sweeping pro-life reforms in over a decade at the Statehouse. When we succeed, we will end abortions on pain-capable unborn children with one of the toughest laws in the nation, we will opt-out Indiana from abortion coverage in state health exchanges under the federal health reform law, and we will put an end to all state contracts and grants going to Indiana’s abortion businesses.

Abortion backers are fighting back hard. But we understand what Mike Pence understands: we don’t have the option of buckling to the pressure and walking away from our defense of the unborn. We are in this fight to win, and that day of victory is drawing ever closer.

Will you please consider a special gift for Indiana Right to Life? We’re pushing forward for victory with everything we have, so we can sure use your help. As a special way of saying “thanks”, I’ll be sending an exclusive DVD of Mike Pence’s complete Fort Wayne address for every donation of $25 or more.

Not only will you be encouraged by Mike Pence’s remarks, but you are also free to pass this DVD along to family and friends or to even show it at your church. What a great way to encourage everyone around you!

Mike Pence made history when he stepped to the podium in Fort Wayne last fall to deliver his call for the sanctity of life to return to the center of American law. Now it’s your time to see why so many people are still talking about it today.

Please send your most generous support for our work to save unborn children.

For Life,
Mike Fichter
President and CEO

Contributions to Indiana Right to Life, Inc., are 501 c(4) gifts and are not tax-deductible.


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