Indiana and Kentucky Targeted For Abortion Expansion Through Planned Parenthood Merger

February 1, 2019

Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter issued this statement today in response to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky’s announced merger with Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands:

“The Planned Parenthood merger places a target on unborn children in Indiana and Kentucky by bringing in millions of dollars from far away states to influence policy and expand abortions.  The merger directly connects Indiana’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to dozens of abortion clinics operating in Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of unborn children each year through their lucrative abortion operations.  Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky’s customer base has been steadily eroding over the past five years in almost every area except abortions. We believe this merger underscores Planned Parenthood’s intent to expand abortions which are central to its revenue stream. ”

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Indiana Must Give a Pro-Life Answer to New York’s Abortion Affirmation

January 29, 2019

New York’s decision to legalize abortions until the point of birth doesn’t come as a complete shock, given the state’s far-left, progressive leadership. What has been shocking to many Americans, in the days since the bill was signed into law, was the callous and heartbreaking celebration of expanding state-sanctioned killing.

The Albany Times Union reports that Sarah Ragle Weddington, who represented Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, reveled, “To see New York pass a bill so that right is protected, is just a dream come true.”

Liberal Salon has this giddy write up:

“I’m flying a little bit. It kind of feels like I’m able to exhale for the first time in a really long time,” Planned Parenthood of New York City activist Kim Furano, who went to cheer on the signing Tuesday at the state legislature, told Salon. “I was just in the assembly and I got to hear my representative give this sort of wonderful, impassioned speech about her support of the bill that I had never heard before and I had to wipe tears from my face. I was afraid makeup was running down my face. It feels like a really big day and a really big relief.”

But celebratory remarks weren’t enough.

To add insult to injury for the countless unborn children who will be killed under this new law, New York leaders mandated the World Trade Center – literally built on the blood of innocent Americans, including unborn children – light up pink to mark the massive expansion of late-term abortions.

Americans have been astounded by New York’s abortion expansion. Common sense Americans don’t support late-term abortions, rightfully so. People who were indecisive on abortion before, are coming to the table, to stand up for the unborn.

This past weekend was the Allen County Right to Life March for Life in Fort Wayne. Our affiliate annually draws a big crowd, but this year 2,000 attendees marched in the freezing cold. Cathie Humbarger, who shares her time with us and as Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life, reported: “As I was greeting people at the Allen County March for Life, one family told me this was their first time attending. I asked them what motivated them to come this year, they said two words: New York.”

Wow. Giving a pro-life witness to the atrocious New York law is certainly one positive way to respond.

We want to give you another. Liberal states like New York are going to continue to push the envelope on abortion. States like ours must give a pro-life answer. Liberal states might say, “We are abortion states.” We must respond, “We are pro-life states, full of hope and love.”

Right now, in Indiana we have a bill in the General Assembly that will stop barbaric dismemberment abortions. In dismemberment abortions, or “D&E (dilation and evacuation) abortions,” a doctor uses instruments to dismember the baby and then extract him or her in pieces. This type of procedure is regularly used in second and third trimester abortions (and will become much more common place in New York due to its new law).

Indiana House Bill 1211 would make dismemberment abortions illegal. Passing the bill will protect women and unborn children from this horrible procedure.

But Indiana lawmakers need to hear from you. They must be told to prioritize the lives of unborn children this session!

We urge you right now to contact your Indiana representative and senator. You can find your legislators at Or you can use our action form to contact your legislators with only a click:

With your help, we will tell the nation that our state is a safe haven for the unborn and women. We don’t need to light up a building in downtown Indianapolis to make our mark. We’ll be happy when the children, whose lived are spared because of Indiana’s dismemberment ban, get to light candles on their birthday cakes.

A special Christmas message for you from Mike Fichter

December 24, 2018

Killing. Fires. Violence. Incivility. Storms. Hatred. Drugs. Upheaval. Insecurity. Shootings. Uncertainty. Abuse. Earthquakes. Heartache. Scandal. Division.

If these are some of the words you might use to summarize the past year, you are not alone. It seems in every direction we turn, the brokenness of our world becomes more readily apparent while the beauty of life is harder to find. Things we thought we would never see are now commonplace. Things we thought would end long ago continue. We can even be tempted into wondering if anyone even cares.

Perhaps you are fearful. Perhaps you are tired. Perhaps you are angry.

Perhaps you are just looking for a reason to hope.

It is for you that I offer this Christmas prayer.

May your heart be joyful in celebrating the birth of a King who loves you enough to leave His heavenly realm, take on flesh, and lay down His life, for you.

May you experience the glory of knowing that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

May the praise of His virgin mother echo in your soul as you sing her words, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

May the simplicity of the shepherds’ worship be yours.

May His example of loving the lost, the lonely and the hurting, be the star you follow in life.

May His birth remind you that He, too, was once an unborn child.

May you always have a child-like faith.

May you always have room for Him in your heart.

May you not fear the trials of a broken world.

May you always see the cross in the shadow of the manger.

May you bow in awe, even at Christmas, at the empty tomb.

May you expectantly watch for His imminent return.

May you trust that one day, for all who have loved His appearing, every tear will be wiped away and all will be made new.

No more killing. No more fires. No more violence. No more incivility. No more storms. No more hatred. No more drugs. No more upheaval. No more insecurity. No more shootings. No more uncertainty. No more abuse. No more earthquakes. No more heartache. No more scandal. No more division.

Find hope in the real meaning of Christmas. Glory to God in the highest.

May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.


Mike Fichter
President and CEO
Indiana Right to Life

Be Encouraged: Letters from Indiana’s U.S. Senators

December 6, 2018

Be encouraged. Indiana has strong, pro-life representation in the U.S. Senate. Senator Todd Young and Senator-elect Mike Braun recognize the unborn have a right to life and will stand with us in the fight to defend that right. Recently Senator Young and Senator-elect Braun sent letters to our Christmas Gala. We invite you to read these letters and be encouraged by their pro-life stand.







Letter from Senator Todd Young:

Fellow Hoosiers:

I want to start by giving my heartfelt thanks to you for leading the fight to protect the unborn. The pro-life movement has been, and always will be strong due to dedicated grassroots champions like yourselves. In a time when local officials are trying to dictate where crisis pregnancy centers can and cannot open, we need you now more than ever. In Washington, every day is a battle to protect the sanctity of life.

The Senate has partnered with President Trump to fill our federal courts with judges and justices who strictly interpret the Constitution. The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was a monumental victory, but it was just a start. We’ve since confirmed Notre Dame’s Amy Coney Barrett to Indiana’s 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and dozens more. Finally, I have personally worked hard to promote the gifts of foster parenting and adoption. We’ve successfully intervened when international adoptions have fallen apart. I’ve introduced legislation to modernize foster placement. And, I’m proud to say the adoption tax credit stayed in place in our tax reform bill. There is much more to do, so I hope you continue to passionately advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Thank you for all you do in contributing to the success of this state. I look forward to speaking with you in person soon. It is an honor to represent you in the US Senate.

Your friend in service,

Todd Young

United States Senator

Letter from Senator-elect Mike Braun:


I write today to send my regrets that I could not join you for your celebration of life this Christmas season.

As a father and grandfather, defending the sanctity of life has always been a solemn responsibility to me, and throughout my journey to serve our state in the U.S. Senate the Indiana Right to Life has been a steadfast ally, and I am lucky enough to count many of you in attendance tonight as dear friends.

Indiana Right to Life’s support made a tremendous difference in that endeavor, and your support and encouragement along the way has been a constant, humbling source of inspiration and pride for me. Your activism and passion for life makes a real difference for Hoosiers, and I am proud to be a small part of it.

I’d like to wish everyone in attendance tonight and your loved ones a merry and safe Christmas season, and I hope to hear from all of you how I can better serve you and your family as your next Senator.

Thank you all again, sincerely, for everything you do to protect and defend the rights of our most vulnerable.

Take care,

Mike Braun

Senator-elect from Indiana

A Special Message about Tuesday

November 1, 2018

A special message from Mike Fichter, President and CEO, Indiana Right to Life:

Chances are you’ve never heard the fascinating story of Indiana’s Barton Mitchell. Originally from Huntington County, Mitchell’s final resting place is in Hartsville, just south of Columbus. He’s all but forgotten to just about everyone except followers of history, but Barton Mitchell, through a series of unexpected circumstances, found himself at the center of one of the most fascinating stories of the American Civil War.

In September 1862, Robert E Lee made a critical decision to move Confederate forces North to give battle to the Union forces somewhere on the outskirts of Washington DC.. Lee’s strategy was to take the war to the north to relieve pressure from the Confederate capital of Richmond, and to place the Union in a defensive mode around Washington. As part of his overall strategy, Lee gambled by separating his forces. To ensure subordinates understood the overall strategy, Lee dictated Special Order 191, outlining, in detail, his entire plan.

Lee delineated the plan to surprise Union forces, including the top secret routes and roads to be taken and the timing for the invasion of Harpers Ferry. Staff officers distributed copies of the order to various Confederate generals. Then, about noon on September 13, Barton Mitchell, of the 27th Indiana Volunteers, discovered an envelope with three cigars wrapped in a piece of paper at a campground Confederates had just vacated. It was Special Order 191.

Mitchell’s discovery soon landed in the hands of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, the commander of the Army of the Potomac, who was overcome with glee at learning planned Confederate troop movements. He reportedly exclaimed, “Here is a paper with which, if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home.”

Barton Mitchell from Indiana had presented General McClellan with the entire Confederate game plan for the movement that ultimately resulted in the Battle of Antietam, known to most as the bloodiest day of American military history.

In much the same way, abortion supporters have a game plan unfolding in Indiana and across the nation, and their intent is as clear as if we were holding their own brand of Special Order 191 in our hands today. While I will detail some of their plans in upcoming columns, there is one you must know about today.

Abortion supporters are banking on frustration, anger, division and apathy to keep you home November 6. They want us to believe the system is broken, our votes really don’t matter, and their pre-election polling proves we are a lost cause in the eyes of most Americans.

Don’t believe it for one minute.

On November 6, your vote, and the votes of your friends and family, represents what abortion supporters fear the most-the real voice of real people.

Barton Mitchell fought at Antietam as part of a war to define who, and what, we would be as a nation. This November 6, we’ll all be going to the polls to make the same kind of statement.

Please exercise your power and freedom to vote.

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