Abortion bills in the 2011 state legislature

The largest array of pro-life legislation in recent history has been introduced in the 2011 Indiana General Assembly with bills ranging from a prohibition of late-term abortions and improved informed consent requirements to an omnibus bill with sweeping pro-life provisions. The flood of legislation is a direct result of the dramatic change in leadership at the Statehouse following the November elections.

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indstatehouseHere is a summary look at some of the bills currently working their way through  the Indiana legislature.
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Senate Bill 522 – a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Introduced by Sen. Greg Walker, this bill is in direct response to late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart’s announced plans to expand his operations in Indianapolis. The bill sets public policy findings concerning when an unborn child can feel pain and sets strong penalties for any physician who recklessly, knowingly or intentionally violates the law.

Senate Bill 50 – ultrasound requirements. Introduced by Sen. Jean Leising, this bill requires that at least 18 hours prior to an abortion, a pregnant woman seeking the abortion must obtain fetal ultrasound imaging, hear the fetal heart tone, and receive a copy of the ultrasound image.

Senate Bill 290 – prohibition of abortion. Introduced by Sen. Jim Tomes and Sen. Dennis Kruse, this bill establishes a Class C felony for any person who performs an abortion in Indiana unless the abortion is necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman.

Senate Bill 241 – coverage for elective abortions. Introduced by Sen. Dennis Kruse, this bill prohibits a policy of accident and sickness insurance or an individual or group contract from providing coverage for elective abortion.

Senate Bill 457 – informed consent. Introduced by Sen. Jim Banks, Sen. Dennis Kruse, and Sen. Walker, this bill dramatically improves Indiana’s informed consent law with various provisions including requiring that women must be informed orally and in writing, and that the state develop materials to be provided to pregnant women.

Senate Bill 328 – admitting privileges, informed consent. Introduced by Sen. Pat Miller, this bill requires hospital admitting privilege requirements for itinerant abortionists and requirements for increased informed consent provisions.

Senate Bill 116 – opt-out. Introduced by Sen. Dennis Kruse, Sen. Brent Steele, Sen. Travis Holdman and Sen. Ed Charbonneau, this bill requires Indiana to opt-out of abortion coverage by any health plan under the federal health care reform law.

House Bill 1205 – abortion funding. Introduced by Rep. Matt Ubelhor and Rep. Ron Bacon, this bill prohibits the state of Indiana from entering contracts with or making grants to any entity that does abortions or operates facilities where abortions are done.

House Bill 1474 – terminated pregnancy form. Introduced by Rep. Randy Frye and Rep. Tim Brown, this bill requires that terminated pregnancy forms must include the age of the father and that reports of abortions on girls under 14 years of age must be reported within three days of the abortion.

House Bill 1228 – health professionals conscience clause. Introduced by Rep. Steve Davisson, this bill extends conscience protections to help prevent health professionals from being forced to participate in surgical or chemical abortions.

House Bill 1204 – admitting privileges for abortionists. Introduced by Rep. Matt Ubelhor, Rep. Mark Messmer, and Rep. Dave Cheatham, this bill requires itinerant abortionists to maintain local hospital admitting privileges in the county where abortions are done and to inform patients as to where they can receive follow up care.

House Bill 1258 – regulation of RU-486 chemical abortions. Introduced by Rep. Bob Morris, this bill extends multiple regulations on the use of the RU-486 chemical abortion drug and establishes felony charges for violations

House Bill 1210 – various abortion matters. Introduced by Rep. Eric Turner, Rep. Dave Cheatham, and Rep. Wes Culver, this multifaceted bill carries provisions requiring that women be informed about fetal pain, requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion, and requires itinerant abortionists to maintain local hospital admitting privileges.

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