Indiana Must Give a Pro-Life Answer to New York’s Abortion Affirmation

January 29, 2019

New York’s decision to legalize abortions until the point of birth doesn’t come as a complete shock, given the state’s far-left, progressive leadership. What has been shocking to many Americans, in the days since the bill was signed into law, was the callous and heartbreaking celebration of expanding state-sanctioned killing.

The Albany Times Union reports that Sarah Ragle Weddington, who represented Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey in the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, reveled, “To see New York pass a bill so that right is protected, is just a dream come true.”

Liberal Salon has this giddy write up:

“I’m flying a little bit. It kind of feels like I’m able to exhale for the first time in a really long time,” Planned Parenthood of New York City activist Kim Furano, who went to cheer on the signing Tuesday at the state legislature, told Salon. “I was just in the assembly and I got to hear my representative give this sort of wonderful, impassioned speech about her support of the bill that I had never heard before and I had to wipe tears from my face. I was afraid makeup was running down my face. It feels like a really big day and a really big relief.”

But celebratory remarks weren’t enough.

To add insult to injury for the countless unborn children who will be killed under this new law, New York leaders mandated the World Trade Center – literally built on the blood of innocent Americans, including unborn children – light up pink to mark the massive expansion of late-term abortions.

Americans have been astounded by New York’s abortion expansion. Common sense Americans don’t support late-term abortions, rightfully so. People who were indecisive on abortion before, are coming to the table, to stand up for the unborn.

This past weekend was the Allen County Right to Life March for Life in Fort Wayne. Our affiliate annually draws a big crowd, but this year 2,000 attendees marched in the freezing cold. Cathie Humbarger, who shares her time with us and as Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life, reported: “As I was greeting people at the Allen County March for Life, one family told me this was their first time attending. I asked them what motivated them to come this year, they said two words: New York.”

Wow. Giving a pro-life witness to the atrocious New York law is certainly one positive way to respond.

We want to give you another. Liberal states like New York are going to continue to push the envelope on abortion. States like ours must give a pro-life answer. Liberal states might say, “We are abortion states.” We must respond, “We are pro-life states, full of hope and love.”

Right now, in Indiana we have a bill in the General Assembly that will stop barbaric dismemberment abortions. In dismemberment abortions, or “D&E (dilation and evacuation) abortions,” a doctor uses instruments to dismember the baby and then extract him or her in pieces. This type of procedure is regularly used in second and third trimester abortions (and will become much more common place in New York due to its new law).

Indiana House Bill 1211 would make dismemberment abortions illegal. Passing the bill will protect women and unborn children from this horrible procedure.

But Indiana lawmakers need to hear from you. They must be told to prioritize the lives of unborn children this session!

We urge you right now to contact your Indiana representative and senator. You can find your legislators at Or you can use our action form to contact your legislators with only a click:

With your help, we will tell the nation that our state is a safe haven for the unborn and women. We don’t need to light up a building in downtown Indianapolis to make our mark. We’ll be happy when the children, whose lived are spared because of Indiana’s dismemberment ban, get to light candles on their birthday cakes.


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