Trump Proposes Protect Life Rule to End Funding to Planned Parenthood

May 18, 2018

Hoosier Women React Positively to the Trump’s Protect Life Rule 
WASHINGTON – President Trump is expected to propose the Protect Life Rule today, to end Title X taxpayer funds from going to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood facilities are only 13 percent of nearly 4,000 Title X-funded facilities serving women across the nation. The millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers stand to lose will be redirected to abortion-free health centers.

In 2011, Indiana lawmakers voted to block Medicaid funds from going to abortion providers within the state. However, this effort didn’t affect Title X dollars as those funds are handled federally by Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS sends Title X funds to the Indiana Family Health Council, which then directs the funds to entities it contracts with. There is little transparency for the Indiana Family Health Council, though documents show it directed $1.6 million to Planned Parenthood of Indiana in 2012.

Indiana Right to Life will be monitoring the Protect Life Rule closely once enacted, to ensure the Indiana Family Health Council ceases funding of Planned Parenthood in Indiana. Planned Parenthood is the state’s largest abortion chain, doing more than 5,000 abortions per year.

“Women deserve better than Planned Parenthood, a business that profits every time a child loses his or her life,” said Sue Swayze Liebel, Vice President of Public Affairs for Indiana Right to Life. “Planned Parenthood claims it doesn’t use federal funds on abortions, but we all know that the government money it receives is fungible. Our taxpayer dollars pay for staff hours, building rent, electricity and more at its four Indiana facilities that do abortions.

“Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky’s (PPINK) own reports show that women are abandoning the abortion provider. PPINK’s client base has been cut nearly cut in half over the last decade and total visits are down 22 percent from 2016 to 2017.”

“Supporters of Planned Parenthood will decry Trump’s Protect Life Rule, claiming women will have no access to birth control, sexual disease testing or preventative care. That is simply not true. PPINK’s reports show pap tests are down more than 90 percent over 10 years and pregnancy tests are down 50 percent over 10 years. Only HIV test are up over a decade; chlamydia and gonorrhea tests are both down 40 percent in that same period. Oral contraception is down 85 percent over 10 years, emergency contraception is down 91 percent over 10 years and condoms/spermicides are down 68 percent over 10 years. Only .004 percent of Indiana and Kentucky’s populations are even seen by PPINK.

“Our tax dollars are better spent at facilities that help women and offer life-affirming health care. I’m proud to support President Trump’s proposed Protect Life Rule.”

Indiana Senator Erin Houchin (District 47) said: “I applaud President Trump and his administration for taking a bold stand for life with the proposal of the Protect Life Rule. By prohibiting Title X funds from going to abortion providers, we will ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being spent on ending innocent lives, and will instead be directed to life-affirming healthcare and family-planning organizations. Indiana has been a leader in the pro-life movement, and I am proud of the President for fighting for women’s health and the unborn on a national scale.”

Indiana Senator Liz Brown (District 15) added: “I applaud President Trump for his courageous decision on the proposed Protect Life Rule. I stand with Hoosiers who prefer our tax dollars be used for improving the health of all Hoosiers, not for the taking of innocent life.”

Indiana Representative Peggy Mayfield (District 60) commented: “Hoosier women deserve care that focuses on their well-being and health, rather than the push toward the profitability of abortion and the destruction of the life of their child. We know that community health centers and other types of clinics available in Indiana focus on the health of women. Not only do these 3,600 alternative locations provide more comprehensive healthcare compared to Planned Parenthood’s limited services at 17 facilities, but they outnumber the abortion giant’s number of locations more than 200 to 1. The stand-alone family planning clinic has become a thing of the past and the new Title X regulations recognize that.”

More information on PPINK’s decline is available at

Indiana Right to Life is sponsoring a “Thank You” to President Trump at Pro-life citizens can also text TRUMP to 52886. (Indiana Right to Life, Inc.  Action Alerts. Message Frequency. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Reply STOP to optout, HELP for help)

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.

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Planned Parenthood Fundraiser for Abortion Doctors Falls Flat. This Is the Most Perfect Pro-Life Response.

May 4, 2018

Introducing the first “Indiana Pregnancy Resource Center Staff Appreciation Day”

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky recently sought donations for National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. Their fundraiser fell flat. Like, really flat. Despite emotional videos and flashy graphics, they only got three donations. Yes, three donations, for a measly grand total of $58.65.

It could be that people don’t really want to send their hard-earned money to those that dismember and discard the bodies of unborn children. Or maybe they figure that abortion providers already make enough money, considering they charge women hundreds of dollars per abortion.

This wildly unpopular fundraiser for abortion providers made us wonder, do we do enough to say “thank you” to the incredible staffs at pregnancy resource centers who save lives?

Pregnancy resource center staff are unsung heroes of the pro-life movement. They are on the frontlines every day, working tirelessly to save women and their unborn babies from abortion. They don’t only help a woman during her 9 months of pregnancy, but they offer loving support as she learns to parent. Pregnancy resource centers offer material support like diapers and baby clothes to help new families on their new parenting journey. Pregnancy resource center staff know that love saves lives, and they live that love every day.

We’re designating this Mother’s Day as “Indiana’s Pregnancy Resource Center Staff Appreciation Day.” And we’re putting together a fundraiser for a Coffee and Donuts Thank You Party to say “thank you” to pregnancy resource center staff members. Chip in a $5 or more donation to show your appreciation to all these incredible workers.

For every $25 donated, we’ll pull one name out of the diaper bag to receive a check for a Coffee and Donuts Thank You Party. We’d love to send a check to all 62 centers that are members of the Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers. Help us meet our goal of $1,550 to do that.

Donate here. Then spread the word. Forward this page via email. Share the fundraiser on Facebook or Twitter using #appreciatePRCs.

Is there anyone in the pro-life movement more deserving of our appreciation than the loving pregnancy resource center staff that save lives every single day? There’s no telling how many babies and mothers have been spared from abortion because of the love of these individuals. Say “thank you” today with a donation.



Statement on County Prosecutors Refusing to Defend Indiana’s New Pro-Life Law

May 2, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion, Monroe and Lake County Prosecutors announced they will not defend Indiana’s new abortion law, Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 340. SEA 340 brings transparency to the abortion industry by requiring that abortion complications be reported. Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life, said of the prosecutors’ announcement:

“These Democrat county prosecutors are thumbing their nose at the legislative process and ignoring the legitimate health risks for women following an abortion. We believe SEA 340 will be found constitutional and these county prosecutors are doing a disservice to their constituents by siding with the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics operating in their counties.  These prosecutors are playing politics with the lives of women injured by botched abortions.”

SEA 340 is currently tied up in the courts due to a lawsuit by abortion business, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.
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A Roundup of Responses to Mayor Buttigieg’s Decision Against Women’s Care Center

May 1, 2018

On Friday, the South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, vetoed the South Bend Common Council’s measure to permit rezoning and construction of a Women’s Care Center facility near the proposed abortion facility. The abortion facility, to be operated by Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, was denied an abortion license, but they appealed the denial decision to the courts.


St. Joseph County Right to Life:

“Mayor Pete recently vetoed the rezoning of the new property owned by Women’s Care Center, a crisis pregnancy center that has several locations that greatly benefit the women of our area. This article hits on most sides of the issue. As a pro-life organization and one that is proud to support the women and families in St. Joseph County, we are deeply disappointed that this center’s rezoning was denied. Additionally, we are very displeased that several statements in support of the veto were misdirections and lies from an out-of-state abortion provider, Whole Woman’s Health, which has not even received approval for a license to operate because the group failed to prove they were of a reputable, responsible character and concealed or omitted information. Why should they have an opinion on what happens in OUR community?”


University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.:

“The Women’s Care Center, on whose board I serve, gives women in crisis the support they need for themselves and their babies before and after birth. It doesn’t engage in political advocacy, but provides compassionate, non-judgmental loving care to women most in need. I am saddened by Mayor Buttigieg’s decision to veto a bill that would have allowed the Women’s Care Center to build a facility near one that seeks to provide abortions. The mayor’s decision excludes an important presence from that neighborhood and thwarts plans that had met the criteria for rezoning and had been approved by the Common Council. Far from enhancing the harmony of the neighborhood, it divides our community and diminishes opportunities for vulnerable women to have a real choice. The mayor is a talented and dedicated public servant with whom I have worked closely to serve our community, but I am deeply disappointed by his decision.”


Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend:

“I am deeply disappointed in yesterday’s decision by Mayor Pete Buttigieg to veto the rezoning request of the Women’s Care Center which was approved by the South Bend Common Council this past Monday.

“Women who experience a crisis pregnancy often say that they feel they have no other option than abortion, and the Women’s Care Center exists precisely to offer these vulnerable women a real choice.

“What started as a small outreach to women in crisis in downtown South Bend over three decades ago, has grown to become the largest, most successful pregnancy resource center in America, serving 26,000 women annually from 29 centers in 10 states. How unfortunate that the Women’s Care Center has been denied in its own hometown the opportunity to expand their compassionate services to a location where it could best reach the women who could benefit most.

“I share the mayor’s concern about the neighborhood, but for a different reason: a group from outside our community and state may open that not only discards innocent human life, but purports to give women a choice, when in fact it has vigorously opposed the Women’s Care Center that provides loving support for women and the choice to say yes to life.”


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