Be a Voice: Exclusive Indiana Premiere Showings of Voiceless

September 14, 2016

VOICELESS, a pro-life movie coming to theaters October 7, tells the story of a young war veteran’s battle against an abortion facility across the street from the church where he is hired to serve as community outreach director.

“VOICELESS captures well the struggles with which many pro-life activists will be familiar: heartbreak at the hell abortion brings into people’s lives, opposition from the least likely places, hostile police.

“The film’s main character, Jesse Dean, accidentally becomes a pro-life activist when he realizes God is compelling him to save babies and their mothers from abortions at A Woman’s Choice of Frankford, the abortion facility across the street from the church whose declining membership he is tasked with reviving.” (Movie description from LifeSiteNews)

Hollywood is notorious for celebrating sex and abortion. So when a film depicts abortion from an opposite viewpoint, like Voiceless, it’s a breath of fresh air. Pro-life films need grassroots support of the pro-life movement to help their message reach the audiences who need to see it.

Indiana Right to Life has been working with filmmakers to ensure Voiceless is seen in Indiana. So far, we have two locations lined up.

Exclusive Premiere Showing
Wednesday, October 5 at 7 pm
Showplace Cinemas East in Evansville, IN
Tickets $10 each/$5 each for students
Sponsored by Indiana Right to Life and Right to Life of Southwest Indiana
Purchase: RTL of Southwest Indiana 812-474-3195

Exclusive Premiere Showing
Friday, October 7 at 7 pm
AMC 12 in Schererville, IN
Sponsored by Indiana Right to Life and Lake County Right to Life
Tickets: Lake County Right to Life (219) 838-1138

We are pleased Voiceless will be seen in at least two Indiana cities, but with your help we can bring Voiceless to more audiences.

1). Make plans to attend the Voiceless showing in Evansville or Schereville

2). Invite your friends to join you and share the Voiceless trailer on social media using #VoicelessIndiana.

3). Make a donation to help bring Voiceless to other cities in Indiana:


Yoder Endorsed By Radical Abortion Group That Supports Partial Birth Abortions

September 14, 2016

EMILY’s List and Yoder Are out of Touch with Ninth District Voters 

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana’s Ninth District Democratic Congressional candidate, Shelli Yoder, has the endorsement of radical pro-abortion group, EMILY’s List. EMILY’s List supports abortion at every stage of pregnancy, including abortions past the point of viability and partial birth abortions. During a partial birth abortion, scissors are plunged in the base of the head of a fully alive, partially born child.

“If Ninth District Voters were questioning where Shelli Yoder stands on abortion, they now have their answer,” said Mike Fichter, Chairman of the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee. “Yoder enthusiastically accepted the EMILY’s List endorsement. EMILY’s List believes babies can be aborted when they are full-term, or only a moment away from taking their first breath. This abortion stance is a radical departure from the position of most Ninth District Voters. EMILY’s List and Yoder are out of touch with Ninth District voters.”

Dem. IN-9 Candidate Shelli Yoder

Dem. IN-9 Candidate Shelli Yoder

Indiana Right to Life PAC works to elect pro-life candidates to public office for the purpose of enacting public policy that protects the right to life of all persons, including the unborn. Indiana Right to Life PAC believes that the issue of life is paramount to all other issues because without the right to life, all other freedoms are without meaning.


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