In Support of HEA1337: Diane Schultz

March 24, 2016

A letter to Gov. Pence in support of HEA 1337, the dignity for the unborn bill, from Diane Schultz, mother of a child with Down syndrome:

My name is Diane Schultz and my husband and I have a wonderful 15 year old daughter with Down syndrome.  For the people who know her, they love her, she is very active, friendly, loving and just a joy to have, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Once you have a child with Down syndrome, you will realize they are no different that typically developing children, they do the same things, just at a slower pace. They are things she does, that  some children her own age can not do.  I support HB1337 absolutely 100 percent and hope that Governor Pence signs the bill.
Diane Schultz


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