Bloomington Doctors Oppose City Council’s Proposal to Support Planned Parenthood

October 20, 2015

Local Doctors Send a Letter to Bloomington City Council Members, Opposing a Proposed Resolution of Support for Planned Parenthood

Pro-life Bloomington Doctors outside of Planned Parenthood in Sept. 2015 (photo by: Marian Leahy)

Pro-life Bloomington Doctors outside of Planned Parenthood in Sept. 2015 (photo by: Marian Leahy)

Bloomington, Ind. – Local Bloomington physicians are sending a letter to Bloomington City Council Members, urging the officials to reject a proposed resolution of support for Planned Parenthood. The resolution will be voted on at Wednesday’s Bloomington City Council meeting. The letter highlights numerous medical resources available to area women outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The letter also reminds the Council Members of the recent videos of Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for aborted baby body parts.

The letter reads in full:

We are writing you in regards to the Bloomington City Council’s upcoming vote on a resolution of support for Planned Parenthood. We appeal to you as physicians practicing in Monroe County, to block this resolution.

The Bloomington Planned Parenthood facility ended the lives of more than 718 unborn boys and girls in 2014 alone, and thousands in the past several years. Many residents of Bloomington join a majority of U.S. citizens in their opposition to abortion – 55 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal or legal only in a few circumstances according to the latest Gallup poll. Many other organizations provide quality health care in Monroe County that do not provide abortions. There is no reason to select Planned Parenthood for special recognition. There are 61 physicians on the Medicaid provider list for Monroe County. There is certainly no lack of medical services for low income women here. Many of us see underserved women at our practices every day.

In clinic inspection surveys completed by the Indiana State Department of Health regarding the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Bloomington, it was that noted the staff failed to maintain basic standards expected in the medical community and required by law. These errors put patients at serious risk. As physicians, we are shocked at the numerous health violations reported including:

•confidential patient records not protected from access to unauthorized persons
•medical staff with direct patient contact not regularly tested for Tuberculosis
•dust, dirt, and insects found in the procedure room
•medications improperly labeled and expired
•workers not ensuring accuracy or completeness of medical records

These are just a few examples of the Planned Parenthood located in Bloomington failing to comply with state rules and regulations. The entire survey can be reviewed at

Additionally, the narrative from a special investigation conducted July 21, 2015 by the Indiana Department of Health reports that:

“Staff member #8 demonstrated how he/she handles the POC (bodies of aborted babies). He/she receives the POC which are in a glass jar through a window, places it in a strainer, washes it off and places it in a pyrex dish floating in water and observes it under a light. After examination and all is okay, he/she put it back in a strainer and then into a specimen cup and into the biohazardous waste located under the counter. The room contained the glass jar, covers for the glass jar, pyrex dish, strainer, and specimen cups. There was a cardboard box under the cabinet that contained a large red bag that was full and was tied shut. The room had a foul smell.”

The same staff member “indicated the biohazardous waste was picked up on Wednesdays and that procedures were performed on Thursdays.”

Obviously, the room “had a foul smell” because the bodies of babies aborted on Thursday are kept for an entire week in a non-refrigerated cardboard box. In our view, this is not an acceptable practice for the well-being of staff and patients at this abortion facility.

This is a picture of the size and shape of baby body parts that are typically placed in the strainer and the pyrex dish and observed under the light as described above by the Indiana State Department of Health:

Bloomington Docs Letter Baby Body Photo

For these reasons, we respectfully ask you to withhold special recognition for the Bloomington abortion facility operated by Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky.

The letter will contain the signatures of at least 20 Bloomington doctors, including Drs. Dave Hart, John Strobel, Matthew Fornefeld, Lisa Weiler, Bill Campbell, Dave Blemker, Garry Tinnes, Eric Trueblood, Brad Bomba, Adam Spaetti, Greg Fox, Jackie Trueblood, Allen Dunn, Pat Schneider, Paul Byrne, Bryan Hoff, Gary Gettelfinger, Brechin Newby, Dean Lenz and Jared Cochran.

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.

# # #

Pence Expands Real Alternatives Program throughout Indiana to Help Hoosier Women

October 12, 2015

Pro-life Community Pleased by Statewide Contract Announcement 

Gov. Mike Pence

Gov. Mike Pence

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Right to Life is pleased by Gov. Mike Pence’s announcement which expands and funds the Real Alternatives program. Real Alternatives is a non-profit organization that works with local service providers to assist women during pregnancy and through 12 months after birth with counseling support and referrals to other social service resources.

In a press release, Gov. Pence shared that a Real Alternatives pilot program ran in Northern Indiana for one year, beginning in Oct. 2014. The pilot, funded for $1 million assisted 8,452 clients during 16,839 visits related to pregnancy and parenting support services.

Today’s announcement states that the new contract is for $3.5 million between Real Alternatives and the Indiana State Department of Health. The contract, which runs through Sept. 30, 2016, includes services for counseling for breastfeeding, childcare, depression, drug abuse, grief, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, fetal development and more. Referral services may include housing, legal, medical health and mental health referrals.

“Real Alternatives offers life-affirming and compassionate care to women throughout pregnancy and as they begin their parenting journey,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “We have seen positive results from one year of Real Alternatives in Northern Indiana, and we look forward to seeing what the statewide impact of Real Alternatives will look like. We thank Gov. Mike Pence for expanding Real Alternatives throughout the state.”

Learn more about Real Alternatives at

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.


Indiana Right to Life Condemns Obscene Graffiti on Pro-life Billboard in Allen County

October 7, 2015

FORT WAYNE, IND. – Indiana Right to Life condemns the obscene graffiti found on a pro-life billboard placed in Fort Wayne, Ind. by its affiliate, Allen County Right to Life. The billboard included the shape of an unborn baby, Allen County Right to Life’s website,, and the words, “I am only 20 weeks old. I can do a somersault.” The billboard was vandalized to include a coat hanger and disparaging words.

“It’s upsetting that someone chose to vandalize a simple billboard with a prenatal development fact,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “Allen County Right to Life has been very effective in spreading the pro-life message, so much so that Allen County no longer has an abortion facility. Unfortunately, pro-life groups are often the target of crude attacks by perpetrators who want nothing to do with the message of hope and love offered by the pro-life community. We stand with Allen County Right to Life and urge them to continue boldly proclaiming the pro-life message in Northeast Indiana.”

An image of the vandalized billboard is available here. The billboard has been replaced by Eagle Outdoor Advertising.

ACRL billboard vandalized

Indiana Right to Life’s mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy and promotion of healthy alternatives to abortion.


Defunding Planned Parenthood Won’t Hurt Women

October 4, 2015

Sue Swayze

Sue Swayze

Just 23?

The cry about ‘women’s health care’ shortages if Planned Parenthood is defunded is a cruel deception, and one that does women a disservice. This political gamesmanship has to stop. Women deserve factual information and truthful advocates for their health care.

You’re being deceived, too. Because abortion isn’t health care, even though abortion providers want you to believe that it is. Pregnancy isn’t an illness. Yet, when a woman is truly ill, needs an annual exam or seeks STD testing, Planned Parenthood isn’t the only game in town. In fact, with just 23 facilities serving 37 Indiana counties, Planned Parenthood is the smallest of the pack.

Hoosier women have so many other options for health care that your taxpayer dollars already support. Of course, there is Medicaid for women who can’t afford health insurance. Medicaid will assign a woman her own primary care doctor who will treat everything from a stuffy nose, to diabetes care to reproductive health. Medicaid’s offerings, similar to how many insurance plans operate, are nothing new.

In addition, there are Title X clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Centers. These providers receive government funding outside of the Medicaid system. Add in smaller clinics like those receiving Title V Maternal and Child Health Care funds, and you have more than 3,600 providers, located in all 92 Indiana counties, available to Hoosier women.

These 3,600 providers offer a wide range of health services to women. Planned Parenthood is an old-school medical model centered on what it deems “family planning.” Its focus isn’t comprehensive preventative care or prenatal care. It doesn’t even do mammograms, contrary to popular belief. In reality, its business model is built around abortions. Consider that for every adoption referral, the organization does 174 abortions.

Last year, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky’s annual revenue was $15.7 million, including more than $9 million in patient revenue. Planned Parenthood is not a broke charitable group doing free services.

Twenty-three Indiana Planned Parenthood facilities with limited services are an awfully small number compared to more than 3,600 providers in all 92 counties. From a marketplace perspective, Planned Parenthood simply cannot compete.

Nationally, Planned Parenthood rakes in more than half a billion in taxpayer funds per year. These dollars are better spent on abortion-free health providers that offer women comprehensive services.

Wipe away the political cobwebs on this tired debate and let the numbers do the talking. The loss of funding to 23 Indiana Planned Parenthood facilities would barely be noticed. Hoosier women will get the care they deserve.

This column by Indiana Right to Life Vice President of Public Affairs, Sue Swayze, was submitted to Indiana newspapers for publication on Sept. 23.

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