The “Who” Surrounding Pro-Life SB 489 and SB 371

February 20, 2013

Today, the Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee heard two pro-life bills strongly supported by Indiana Right to Life.

SB 371 by Sen. Travis Holdman (District 19) regulates chemical (medical) abortion facilities so they meet the same requirements as surgical abortion facilities.      

SB 489 by Sen. Michael Young (District 35) reaffirms and strengthens language that a woman shall view an ultrasound and shall hear the fetal heart tone unless she certifies in writing that she declines.

Both were amended toward the beginning of the hearing, so the final votes were actually on amended bills. We’ll post links to the final language once the bills are updated on the General Assembly website.

The questions we’re getting are “who testified” and “who voted yes?”

Before final passage, the committee heard a number of testimonies on both sides. Supporting SB 489, SB 371 or both, were:

Former Ind. Sen. Dick Thompson (and member of the Indiana Right to Life Board)

Sue Swayze, Legislative Director for Indiana Right to Life

Retired Indianapolis OBGYN, Dr. Hans Geisler

Leslie, a woman who had a chemical abortion and now regrets it (her testimony was given through a letter)

Marc Tuttle of Indianapolis Right to Life.

Glenn Tebbe, Indiana Catholic Conference

Ryan McCann, Indiana Family Institute

Eric Miller, Advance America

Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana

Here is how the Senate Committee Members Voted:

SB 489 passed 8-4

Yes: Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-District 5), Sen. Rodric Bray (R-District 37), Sen. Ron Grooms (R-District 46), Sen. Jean Leising (R-District 42), Sen. Pete Miller (R-District 24), Sen. Patricia Miller, Committee Chair (R-District 32), Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-District 9), Sen. Frank Mrvan (D-District 1)

No: Sen. Vaneta Becker (R-District 50), Sen. Jean Breaux (D-District 34), Sen. Mark Stoops (D-District 40), Sen. Greg Taylor (D-District 33)

SB 371 passed 7-5

Yes: Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-District 5), Sen. Rodric Bray (R-District 37), Sen. Ron Grooms (R-District 46), Sen. Jean Leising (R-District 42), Sen. Pete Miller (R-District 24), Sen. Patricia Miller, Committee Chair (R-District 32), Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-District 9)

No: Sen. Vaneta Becker (R-District 50), Sen. Jean Breaux (D-District 34), Sen. Frank Mrvan (D-District 1), Sen. Mark Stoops (D-District 40), Sen. Greg Taylor (D-District 33)

You can call and thank those Senators who supported the bills through the Senate switchboard: (317) 232-9400 or (800) 382-9467. You can also email members by clicking here. The Committee members on Twitter are: @EdCharbonneau, @SenRonGrooms, @sen_petemiller and @ryanmishler.

The next step for these bills is to pass the full Indiana Senate. You can help that effort by contacting your Senator and urging him or her to vote “yes” on SB 489 and SB 371.





  1. Sue Ellen Braunlin says:

    The idea that one woman’s experience can determine that everyone else’s is “ridiculous” is a very shallow perspective. Can you imagine that an ultrasound for a wanted pregnancy is a delight, but an ultrasound for a rape-concieved pregnancy retraumatizing? Women with intersex syndromes are often abused in medical settings. Trans people find that medical transmisogyny is notoriously severe and painful in medical settings. It is a universal violation to mandate a non-indicated procedure that serves no purpose other than to shame the patient. This is a metaphor for all that is wrong with the so-called pro-life movement. When the bills are so traumatizing they require trigger warnings, they are something less than “pro-life”. Willing to discuss with others.

  2. Jeff Uecker says:

    Got to love these politicians and ideologs! There should be personal responsibility when having unprotected sex and exposing oneself to the risk of pregnancy, however, to have these ignorant fools sitting in Indy and making medical decisions for the women in this state is asinine.
    So let’s get this straight. A 12 year old girl gets raped and then tells her parent. As a responsible parent would, the child is taken to the doctor or hospital and examined. The issue of a possible pregnancy is discussed and, as a family, they decides that RU-486 should be given for the benefit of the young rape victim. In Indianapolis, our legislators are saying, “Sorry, young lady! Don’t bother talking to Mommy and Daddy. Don’t bother asking the doctor if it’s even medically necessary. We, in our profound wisdom, have already decided that you will not only be traumatized by being raped but you will also be subject to the humiliation of being transvaginally probed. TWICE!” I cannot believe that as a state we even vote for idiots like this! It boggles the mind that we are such “sheeple”

  3. api says:

    Jeff, one problem with your hypothetical 12 year old situation is that the wrong cannot be undone. A terrible thing happened and it will not be in the young girl’s best interest to do another wrong. Health wise since her body has already begun to change because of a pregnancy (note we are assuming she is pregnant because you are making that argument), it will further cause her body damage by artificially instantly stopping the process. Hormones are powerful chemicals and to introduce a chemical hormone to force her body to expel the forming child also hurts the young woman.

    There are lots of links about this drug that you could check out but here is one that would get you started. I appreciate your concern for women but I think she should look at the whole picture regarding health. Tragedy does not get fixed with more tragedy.

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