Senator Lugar will back Kagan

July 22, 2010

Senator Richard Lugar has announced that he is throwing his full support behind the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Lugar’s announcement came just one day after Indiana Right to Life issued a statewide alert to contact Lugar’s office to urge opposition to her confirmation.

Kagan’s background points to many deeply troubling signs indicating that she will be an activist working to advance abortion through the power of the Supreme Court.

Kagan, who formerly served as an aide to President Bill Clinton, is widely regarded as a key figure in preventing enactment of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. She has also taken objectionable positions on assisted suicide, human cloning, and political free speech.

Abortion funding begins under national health care in spite of executive order praised by Ellsworth

July 14, 2010

Indianapolis, IN – is reporting that the Obama administration is allowing federal taxpayer funding of abortions under the new national health care law in at least two states uncovered so far – Pennsylvania and New Mexico — in spite of an executive order that Congressman Brad Ellsworth told Hoosiers would prevent such funding.

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Ellsworth was a key figure in passage of the federal health care bill by breaking from previous promises to oppose any health plan that provided federal abortion funding. Ellsworth’s defection led to the unraveling of the Stupak coalition and ended the hopes of defeating the bill.

In a press advisory following his vote for the health care bill, which National Right to Life called the largest expansion of abortion since 1973, Ellsworth touted an executive order signed by President Obama as proof that the bill would not fund abortions, stating,”Today’s executive order puts the force of the White House behind the pro-life principles in the bill and restates existing law that not one dollar of taxpayer money will be used to fund abortions.”

“Brad Ellsworth either purposefully tried to deceive Hoosiers into thinking the Obama executive order was legitimate, or he was naive enough to trust the White House and the abortion groups pushing for the bill from day one,” states Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter. “The revelations of abortion funding under the plan underscores his betrayal of the pro-life movement and the illegitimacy of the executive order signed by the President.”

Indiana Right to Life PAC’s 2010 Endorsement Resolution

July 9, 2010

The Democratic Party national platform adopted in 2008:

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

Indiana Right to Life PAC’s 2010 endorsement resolution:

On April 7, 2010, the Indiana Right to Life Political Action formally adopted this resolution regarding endorsements for Democratic candidates for public office:

Whereas the Democratic Party officially endorses the right to unrestricted abortion on demand; and

Whereas Democratic leadership continues aggressively to advance federal policies that undermine the right to life of unborn children; and

Whereas Congressman Brad Ellsworth, Congressman Baron Hill and Congressman Joe Donnelly betrayed the trust of pro-life Hoosiers by voting for the pro-abortion federal health care reform bill; and

Whereas the Democratic caucus in the Indiana House, under the leadership of Speaker Pat Bauer, continues to block all legislation aimed at limiting, restricting, and reducing abortions in the state of Indiana; and

Whereas candidates of the Democratic Party are responsible for the policies and actions of the party and its leadership;

Be it resolved that the Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee will grant no endorsements to any Democratic candidates for any public office.


Indiana Right to Life developed this resolution in response to years of unfruitful efforts to work with Democratic leadership and legislators to pass meaningful abortion legislation in Indiana and to stem an all-out abortion onslaught at the federal level. We have worked in good faith with friends in the Democratic caucus for nearly ten years to relay our concerns and frustration with Democratic leadership. We have met directly with Speaker of the House Pat Bauer to ask that pro-life legislation be given a fair vote on the House floor. Our affiliates throughout Indiana pleaded with congressmen Ellsworth, Hill and Donnelly to oppose any federal health care bill that did not contain clear and specific exclusions of federal funding for abortion.

In return for our best efforts to work with Indiana Democrats, not one single bill backed by Indiana Right to Life has survived opposition from the Democrat caucus in the Indiana House while under Democrat control. In the last ten years, Republicans controlled the Indiana House for only two years yet passed six bills backed by Indiana Right to Life. In the eight years of Democrat control in the House, no bill backed by Indiana Right to Life has survived. It is clear that even Democrat friends who want to vote for legislation backed by Indiana Right to Life will never get a chance to do so under Democratic leadership. Unless Republican control is restored in the House, no legislation aimed at limiting, restricting or reducing abortions in Indiana will pass the House.

In return for the tireless efforts of pro-life citizens throughout Indiana who voiced opposition to the pro-abortion federal health care reform act, and in spite of continued assurances from congressmen Ellsworth and Donnelly, in particular, that they would oppose any plan that included federal funding for abortion, Indiana’s pro-life community was betrayed at the deepest level when both Ellsworth and Donnelly voted for the final bill that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recognizes as fraught with abortion problems. National Right to Life rightly calls the health care reform act the largest expansion of abortion since 1973. It is a devastating blow to the unborn.

When we needed them the most, Indiana’s Democratic congressmen who refer to themselves as pro-life turned their backs on the unborn as well as thousands of Hoosiers who pray, give and work to protect the right to life of unborn children.

It is clear that current Democratic leadership in Washington is bent on advancing an abortion agenda while systematically destroying every gain the pro-life movement has fought for since 1973. Under the guidance of President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the overwhelming Democratic majority in Congress has leveled intense attacks on the sanctity of life. These attacks include passage of the pro-abortion health care reform act, the placement of one liberal justice on the United States Supreme Court (with a second in nomination), the elimination of restrictions on taxpayer funding for overseas abortions, the elimination of restrictions on embryo-destroying research, the elimination of conscience protection for health care professionals who do not want to participate in abortions, and the list goes on.

It must be acknowledged that Democratic leadership is operating with complete adherence to the current Democratic Party platform that embraces the right to abortion for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy. The 2008 platform language reads:

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.

In light of such grievous and serious attacks on the right to life of unborn children, and with a view to the hard political reality that legislation to protect the unborn will have no possibility of passage under current Democratic leadership on the state and federal level, Indiana Right to Life PAC adopted our current Democratic endorsement resolution.

Reasons Why the Resolution Applies to All Democratic Candidates

Some may question why the resolution covers endorsement consideration of all Democrat candidates at all levels. We believe this is important for three reasons:

1) It is clear that pro-life initiatives are only viable with Republican majorities. This is nowhere more evident than in recent passage of pro-life legislation in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Tennessee. In each instance, these state legislatures are controlled by Republican leadership. It is our experience that this applies to all levels of government. When Republicans lead, we have opportunities for advancement of pro-life policies. We acknowledge that many Democrats will support pro-life legislation when they have the opportunity to cast a vote; however, as our experience in Indiana proves, these Democrats rarely if ever have opportunities to vote on pro-life legislation when Democrats hold the keys to power. It is therefore counterproductive to advancing the right to life of unborn children to endorse Democratic candidates who in turn will support Democratic control.

2) A candidate who holds affiliation with any party is answerable for the positions that the party advances, promotes and sanctions. It would not be acceptable for a candidate to belong to a party that takes a “pro-choice” position on such issues as domestic abuse or racism. We believe it is equally unacceptable to belong to a party that embraces the right to kill unborn children.

3) A candidate who holds affiliation with any party is answerable for positions that the party leadership advances, promotes, and sanctions. It is clear that current Democratic leadership is committed to driving a pro-abortion agenda.

We welcome the opportunity to work with any friends in the Democratic Party who wish to openly work for a change in the Democratic Party’s position on abortion and to change the Democratic Party’s pro-abortion leadership. Such actions will take courage and commitment, especially when recalling the personal attacks and abuse that former congressman Tim Roemer, a Democrat who voted pro-life, received from Democratic Party hierarchy and operatives when he expressed interest in the DNC chair position.

We will continue to survey all candidates for public office, including Democrats, and will share all candidate responses to the voting public in a fair and unbiased manner. Democrats who have the opportunity to cast votes under Republican leadership will be able to share their voting record with the public. We will likewise publicly distribute roll call votes for both Democratic and Republican candidates. But until such time as substantive changes are realized, it remains counterproductive to endorse Democratic candidates when Republican majorities afford the greatest opportunity for legislation to protect the unborn.

Three Goals of the Resolution

We have three goals we intend to achieve with this resolution:

1) To foster a positive change in the Democratic Party platform that currently embraces the right to abortion on demand, for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy. We hope to change the current discussion from, “I don’t agree with the Democratic Party on abortion, but I support the party because I agree with most of its other positions….” to “I don’t agree with the Democratic Party on abortion, therefore I cannot support the party or its candidates until its platform changes.” If just a small percentage of self-identified, pro-life Democrat voters abstained from supporting the party or its candidates due to its abortion position, we believe significant reform discussion would be initiated after just one major election cycle.

2) To return a Republican majority to the United States Senate and/or the United States House of Representatives in November 2010 in order to block any further erosion of pro-life gains, to block any additional legislative assaults on the right to life of unborn children, and to protect the right of pro-life citizens to engage in legal public discourse on abortion without fear of legislation aimed at chilling free speech.

3) To return a Republican majority to the Indiana House so that we will be able to pass significant legislation that will help to save hundreds, if not thousands, of unborn children from the pain and terror of abortion. There is no probability of such legislation under Democrat control of the House. To ignore this problem is to turn our backs on those unborn children whose lives will be saved.

Indiana Right to Life PAC will gladly rescind our Democrat endorsement resolution when we see Democratic actions, policies and leaders advancing legislation that protects the right to life of unborn children instead of endorsing abortion on demand.

Clarification of Three Key Points

We believe it is vitally important to a proper understanding our Democrat endorsement resolution to clarify these key points:

1) We will not grant endorsements to all Republican candidates. Only Republican candidates that are pro-life will receive endorsement consideration. Independent, Tea Party and Libertarian candidates judged to be pro-life will also be eligible for endorsement consideration. In some races, no endorsements will be granted.

2) We will equally hold the Republican Party, or any other political party, accountable should its leadership fail to advance and promote legislation and policies that will protect the right to life of unborn children, just as we did when former Republican Senate President Pro-Tempore Bob Garton allowed three of our bills to die in the closing minutes of the 2006 session of the Indiana legislature..

3) Our resolution will be reconsidered annually in light of Democratic actions, leadership and policies on the issue of abortion.


In conclusion, our resolution is an outgrowth of our firm belief that the attack on the unborn currently being waged by Democratic leaders, as well as the Democratic Party platform that embraces the unrestricted right to kill unborn children, is unacceptable. Likewise, our resolution is a clarion call for reform within the Democratic Party. We urge Indiana Democrats at all levels to work for change in the party platform on abortion and to support leadership that will advance legislation to protect the unborn so that we may once again work in a bipartisan fashion to restore the right to life of unborn children.

IRTL PAC endorsement policy mentioned prominently in American Spectator

July 6, 2010

Indiana Right to Life PAC’s 2010 endorsement policy regarding Democratic candidates in the wake of the disastrous health care bill is mentioned prominently in the June 26 American Spectator. Interestingly, the policy seems to draw the strongest criticism from the national Democrats for Life group whose director seems to chide IRTL-PAC for not endorsing Brad Ellsworth in 2008 when he boasted of a 100% score by National Right to Life. While meant as a criticism of IRTL-PAC’s decision — which was made due to Ellsworth’s support for Speaker Pelosi — Democrats for Life may have unwittingly shown that the action now appears to be prophetic in light of Ellsworth’s disastrous cave-in to President Obama and Speaker Pelosi on the health care bill, which is widely regarded as the largest federal expansion of abortion since Roe vs. Wade.

Indiana now offers online voter registration

July 6, 2010

As of July 1, 2010, Indiana offers you the ability to submit your voter registration application online. Specifically, this online voter registration application allows you to apply to register to vote in Indiana, change your name on your voter registration record, or change the address on your voter registration record.

In order to be eligible to register to vote, you must:
• be a citizen of the United States,
• be at least 18 years old on the day of the next general, municipal, or special election,
• have lived in your precinct for at least 30 days before the next general, municipal, or special election (except for certain military voters); and
• not currently be imprisoned after being convicted of a crime.

In order to register to vote online, you must also possess a current and valid Indiana driver’s license or Indiana State identification card. The State of Indiana will use your digitized signature on-file with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as your voter registration signature. Only the voter registration information you provide and your digitized signature will be sent to your county voter registration office upon concluding the online voter registration application process.

If you do not have either of these documents or have trouble with this website, you may still register to vote by:

• completing a Voter Registration Application (VRG-7) and mailing it to the appropriate county voter registration office or Indiana Election Division,
• registering to vote in-person at the appropriate county voter registration office, or
• registering to vote in-person at the Indiana Election Division.

Register to vote online

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